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Originally Posted by jolly1
One more thing, as a comment from my European side: I noticed that most Americans will use powder loads in range from 25 to almost 30 grain.
(My guess due to tradition, and prefference to stronger loads)

You're right. We are more use to shooting pistols for self-defense or hunting, and most centerfire handguns seem to have stouter loads that some of us try to simulate more often than firing black powder target loads.
Our powder is also pretty affordable.
And personally I usually don't shoot at a very far distance, maybe only 10, 12 or 15 yards.
I wish that heavier loads could obtain the better accuracy that comes with target loads. Some shots will hit the bull better than others, but then pinpoint accuracy isn't always the primary purpose.
For many of us C&B guns are just a fun alternative to center fire, that allow us to enjoy a civil war era military gun that the soldiers would use in battle, and all of the smoke and boom that goes with it.
Competition requires the best accuracy, but recreational shooting is not often done in preparation for competition. I don't have much local C&B competition here like there is for all of the different centerfire and rimfire guns.
Welcome to the forum and good luck with the Lee conical bullets. I suspect that there may be better conicals but they are elusive as far as being able to identify and locate them.

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