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I have owned the 10mm in about every platform. The G29 was the only gun I couldn't get its velocity up enough to 10mm spec. For size wise, you would be better off carrying a G27 with more rounds and a smaller package. I have extensive 10mm reloading experience over 18 years. The barrel is too short to get the 10mm up to a good 10mm spec. The G20 or Delta is the size needed to really get the 10mm potential. For short barrels, you are better off carrying a 45acp where speed isn't the objective. Carry what you are proficient with. A hi cap 9mm with the right ammo (147) can be just as effective. It's still about multiple hits on your target, in and out of the woods. If you are hunting or know you are in a bear confrontation area, then a accurate 44mag like a S&W 629 is the right tool for the job. I tangle with large black bears all the time either hunting or around my house with garbage cans. A 44mag is the gun I choose to carry when I know the bears could be around when I am cleaning up bear damage and want the use of both of my hands. A 12Guage pump is what I carry when I actually see the bears and have to drive them off. I also have a hi cap handgun for back up with my shotgun. You have to have a black bear snap its jaws or bluff charge you to really understand where you are in the food chain. You will find hair stand up on your body you never knew you had.

FYI, Cats are thin skinned and will easily go down with a 9mm. I have seen many fall from a well placed 22lr.
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