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According to the World Health Organization, it is much more likely that the greatest threat comes from what is on your plate rather than where in the restaurant your plate happens to be.

I know what you all are thinking; the WHO is so pro-gun that they probably skewed the results to make gun deaths seem less prevalent...

I sit far away from the door because I live in New England. This time of year it gets pretty cold and I don't like the draft every time someone comes through the door.

I like booths because they are more comfortable and I don't like being in the flow of traffic of other diners and servers.

I don't worry about cars coming through the side of the building, malicious food poisoning, or someone shooting the place up. These events have a disproportionate mental impact because their terribleness outweighs their improbability.

Besides, trying to predict the motivation and methods of a madman is futile. For all we know, the incident could begin with the villain shooting those he thinks most able to flee.
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