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You will need a pot to melt the lead in and a burner of some type to put the pot on, or a lead smelting pot that has an electric heating element in it. There are two types of those also. Bottom pour and non-bottom pour. Then you need a casting ladle. A lead thermometer and the mold of the bullet design you want. For safety reasons, you should wear long pants, long sleeve shirt, and leather gloves while casting. A face shield is probably a good idea, or at least safety glasses.

1 and 2 cavity molds are the easier molds to learn with. 4 and 6 cavity molds are different to mold with and are faster, but can be more frustrating when you are just starting out.

After you get the bullets cast, you will want to size and lube them. If the mold casts the bullet the size you need, then you don't need to size them, only lube them. Lee make a size and lube kit that is cheap and effective.
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