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I would like to possibly design guns and parts as a career and am trying to get more involved in the community. I was wondering about some preferences people had about handguns. What are the most important features to you? And for DA/SA guns, would you rather have a longer softer pull or a short harder one? (would be same total poundage) Any input would be appreciated. Thanks
Here are the things important to me:
1. excellent fit, finish, machining and overall quality
2. large capacity in a non-carry gun
3. concealability in a carry gun
4. DA/SA trigger, where the trigger feels close to a true SA trigger with hammer cocked.
5. reasonable durability, but not sacrificed at the expense of fit, finish and quality.
6. Reliability, but if #1 is satisfied, this will be the natural result.
7. Reasonable accuracy, but if #1 is satisfied, this should be the natural result
8. No plastic parts - steel preferable, stainless ok, titanium ok for some apps., personal preferrance is I hate aluminum - and I have good reasons.
9. No trigger dingus safety
10. No obnoxious Ruger-style pop-up chamber indicator

Basically, if you can make something Korth quality at a reasonable price - including profit, I'll be your first customer!!!
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