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I'd be "wary" of any Bushnell product even if it were new in the box!
How do you feel about Bausch and Lomb? Because from my understanding that is what the Elite line of scopes evolved from. I don't know about the 3200 line, never had one but the 4200's I have are dang fine optics and tough as nails. Never had one ounce of trouble from them. I also have an old B&L 3X9X40 sitting on a Ruger No.1 in 7mmMag, its a fine tight piece of glass.

I cannot say the same for Leupold and definitely not for Nikon. Fact is I had so much trouble with Nikon I sold the new scope they sent me, got rid of the other Nikon stuff I had and refuse to buy another Nikon product
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