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After I had bought my first sks I fell in love with russian guns and milsurp in general. I also wanted to accurize what I had. Who doesn't?

I talked to the guy at my LGS, former LEO and apretty knowledgable guy. The main point of our discussion was basically that these weapons are designed to hit center mass (about 18" X 24") at 300 m (battle sight setting on SKS) at a minimum.

Even if you were to half that, say 9" X 12" at 150 m that's way less than a MOA. By the time you have that much $$$ in it accurizing you could have bought a rifle that will do better than that out of the box.

I'm not trying to start an arguement or say you're wrong. I've definitely spent lots of money and time on things other people have said I was silly for doing that. I'm just saying I think you'd have a better starting platform to either have saved your money or to stop where you're at now. Then you have a great Mosin, and are able to save a little cash towards that better starting platform.

Regardless of what you do, as long as you're happy and having fun that's all that's important. Best of luck in with your project.
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