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Rusty barrel crown: A Big Problem?

So I was cleaning my guns from the previous range trip, including the range trip before that. I had put off cleaning my Marlin 795 for a while, and now that I've cleaned it, I realized there was rust on the muzzle crown! it was located between where the rifling ends and the "outside rim" of the crown. I took some break free and a few paper towels and "buffed" it out with my finger. There is still some left. Should i be worried about accuracy? The actual edge where the rifling ends is completely undamaged. I feel like it got this way because at that last range trip, the air conditioner didnt work and it was about 92 degrees out. I rapid-fired the hell out of the thing and put it back in the case when it was pretty hot. Even after all this time, when I opened the gun case, I could literally feel humidity escape... So. Will this be a big deal?
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