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Thanks for the advice. As usual you guys have some great information. Sorry I have been AFK all day. Remodeling my bathroom and playing on our new Wii U.

Because we (as a society) have been conditioned to not be "rude",,,
Bad guys and commissioned salesmen have learned this,,,
We (I used to sell insurance door to door) use this,,,
It's the major vulnerability of our times.

Don't fault the OP's wife too much here,,,
It's ingrained in the rules of our society and difficult to overcome.

This is exactly what happened. She said she has problems with this exact issue. I do as well but have learned to say no. I have tried to get her to be more cautious and to learn how to use our firearms. She refuses to go to the range again (I got her to go once).

When we talked about her getting the gun from the safe she responded with "I don't know how to use it." I was upset at that point. I have shown her several times how to use a gun, I have had her rack the slide and she has shot them the one time I got her to go to the range.

I have asked her to read the info on and she wont. I don't know what else to do. We have a baby coming in 3 months and I really want them to be safe while I am not home.
Brain (Use this one the most)

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