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How to guestimate value of 1913 Nickel Colt .25 Pocket Auto

Admit I'm frustrated, due to my age - I can't remember how to make a new post. Perhaps the honchos of this thread can re-direct me.

I have a nickel-plated Colt .25ACP Pocket Auto. My father gave it to me in the early 1960s and said he had carried it to and from work while an artillery battery commander in Panama 1939-40. I don't remember if he got it from my grandfather or from his brother, a fellow Army officer at the time, or someone else. Anyway, it has been in the family since about 1940.

The plastic/bakelite grips are worn, as they would be from pocket carry. The nickel finish is excellent-to-near-perfect, so my assumption is that it was re-nickeled before 1955 or so, when I first saw it (one of my gun dealers says it must have been re-nickeled relative to the wear on the grips). The serial number is 9674x. The lettering is crisp and deep as can be, including the prancing horse at the rear of the slide on the manual-safety side. However, as they say with a Capital H, the slide shows patent dates through July 31, 1917. This would seem to conflict with the website that identifies the serial number as a 1913 build.

Anyway, the nickel is superb, other than a small bit of clouding that probably is my fault due to careless storage. The magazine, also nickel, says CAL. 25 over COLT and seems in nearly unused condition. Action and bore seem perfect, relative to age.

The question: is this gun worth more than $400-500, in which case I'd sell it? If less than that, I probably will give it to one of our sons, as part of the family lore.

If I should post this elsewhere, direction will be appreciated. Thanks.
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