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Echeck ordering guns.

I placed a order with Buds for 2 handguns. A Glock 20 Gen 3 and a XDM 5.25 45 Competition. I wanted to get the 3% cash discount ($67) as you can't use your debit card to do this I went with Echeck as I would have thought it would be faster then sending in a money order? Not so! The money came out of my account the next day after I placed the order but, Buds policy and I am not questioning why they do it just that it only tells you that there is a 5 day waiting/holding period once the funds have cleared your bank in a email once the funds get to their bank...

I am not impatient just anxious to get them in my hands.

I would have had them by now had I sent them a money order and as it is I won't see them til mid week next week if I am lucky!

So Echeck's = slow as a regular paper check.

I ordered some extra mags for the XDM and a laser light combo in a separate order and those were delivered today.

Also a heads up being a Buds VIP member does not help speed things along.
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