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Originally Posted by Mello2u View Post
mil-spec II,

You may want to consider buying a Dillon Handgun Case Gage to check your loaded 10mm Auto ammunition. Dillon offers case gauges for many different cartridges.
I totally agree... I use a Dillon 500B Press with Dillon dies and their csse guage here. Never have a problem. You might have a small halo of the projectile but its nothing if you check it wifh calipers, the ones ive had eere not even a bulge. Like is said earlier, if you take your tims and check each one in a case guage youll know what needs fixing and whats good. Somefimes if yoj have "bad" ones, running them through the seater and then the crimping die thereafter usually fixes everything.. if not, the its uaully not a good piece of brass and i just toss it.. good luck.

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