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Thanks everyone. Planning on shooting my P-32 for the first time this Saturday. I'll be using FMJ to avoid the rim lock issues I've read about.
One thing to note about the P-32 and most of the Kel Tec pistols... They have plastic/poly mag catches. This part will wear quickly if you are in the habit of slapping in a loaded mag.

1. Always depress the mag release while holding the empty magazine in the mag well to take out the empty mag.

2. Always depress the mag release while loading a full magazine into the mag well and releasing when the mag is tightly seated.

This will prevent premature wear of your mag catch. A worn mag catch will cause the mag to sit low and will eventually cause FTFeed issues. I always knew about #2 but #1 I'd learned here on TFL.

This is what I've done with my KT's when they were new... Clean 'em, run a couple of hundred rounds of FMJ through it or until you are comfortable with it. These little guys aren't range toys. After the initial break-in, mine are fired once or every other month and even then it is only one mag. Maybe two. I keep Fiocchi 73gr FMJ in mine.
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