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Help? Stumped Ruger 10/22 jam

I will start by explaining the problem.
Last weekend I took my 10/22 with ATI stock and 25rd mags to the range, IT would fire fine but every now and then it started jamming while extracting the spent casing. The gun reloads the new round but the old casing never made it out of the chamber. Also if I were to pull the bolt back jut enough to clear the spent casing it wouldn't fire because the hammer hadn't been reset.

So I stripped it completely cleaned everything and reassembled it as I normally do when i run a couple hundred rounds through it. The only odd thing I noticed was there are a few marks just above where the old casing's are ejected out of the gun. (the marks are on the inside of the action on top where the bolt moves, just above the hole where the rounds are ejected during operation.

The springs and everything feel fine I just shot it again today and its doing the same thing only a little bit more frequently (every couple rounds, sometimes a few in a row). I wanted to say it was the extractor or ejector, but this doesnt explain the bolt not moving all the way back and resetting the hammer.

Any Ideas I'm stumped, I'm not a gunsmith or expert but I'd like to think I'm fairly mechanical.

Oh also I've tried several type of ammo, both high velocity and standard including CCI, Federal, Winchester and Blazer. All operated wit the same results.

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