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Thanks for All the Input..Serf Hi-jack away..If you dont mind forward the headspacing info to me also....I checked at the max OAL with the barrel out, but not sure what my headspace is. At 1.155 I had no feed issues, and concerned about the increased pressures seating deeper, or do I have decreased pressure due to the hollow base? With the input and info from you guys I'll stay at 3.8 and work my OAL back before increasing my charge.
I am beginning to believe TG was not the best choice in powder,and yes alittle goes a long way.. Liked everything I've read about the Berrys, but it seems its about 50/50 on using lead vs. mid range of jacketed data. A better seal and a longer more acurate bullet is a win win to me.
Jim, I wish I had an extra bullet for every time if been to Berrys site, and the min powder charge for each one to Hodgens . I started at the min for cast and feared a squib on my 1st shot after the ejected shell went only a foot away.
Goet, From what I understand they should be crimped but very lightly. All I used was the Lee seating die, and noted the crimp line after pulling the bullet on my headspace check.I have bought the FCD but not used it. never used one for my Makarov.
Just for info I'm using once fired PPU brass and WSP primers.
Again thanks, I'm learning a ton of stuff, from here, the net and from the Lee "promotional" loading manual.
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