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After nearly a quarter century together Mrs.hogdogs still forgets she doesn't get to decide where her bottom will warm until I decide...

as courtesy, I usually never walk in front of her so when a hostess begins to walk us to our table or booth, wifey is usually in front of me as walk paths are often too narrow for a comfortable side by side stroll...

I want my back to a wall and eyes on at least the main entrance... If secondary entrances are available I really like to be able to see them too... The kitchen door is not quite as critical to my seating decision. If I do not like the location the hostess chooses, I do not mind scanning for a better (to me) seat and requesting it... If wifey inadvertently chooses my "tactical" seating choice, she just has to hop up and move or scoot over so I can sit on the same side.
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