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Yes he did resize it. That's the issue with it. Normal resizing dies don't make it small enough to hold a bullet after a couple of go arounds. It quickly gets too springy an springs back out to excessive width after going through the die.

I was unaware of the snug Lee die Zeke mentioned. Only that I hadn't seen the same problem in a Dillon 1050 a friend of mine has who reloads any and all mixed brass. I assume my own Dillon presses will work with it, too, but I gave up on that .45 Auto brass when I was still using Lyman dies on a Spartan turret press in the 80's, and haven't picked up or kept any since. So I don't actually know. I was loading cast lead bullets then, as now, and never got more than two or three reloads from it, despite those bullets being a thousandth wider than jacketed bullets are. They would just start falling in or be possible to push in easily with your finger.

I have only had this experience with Remington's .45 Auto brass. No problems with Remington rimmed pistol brass or with their rifle brass. It's just the design of this particular case that's problematic and they seem determined to keep using it.
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