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I have a 7600POLICE. It is a .308 with 16 1/2 inch bbl. It has a very servicable synthetic stock and a very durable matte black metal finish. Ear protection is definately in order when shooting this little beast at the range.

I have never shot it over a chrono, but with the minimum published loads of H335 and 150 gr. Nosler BTips, it shoots inch groups at 100 yards with a 9x scope and 2-3 inch loads with a Truglo red dot. Last year using that load, I shot a medium buck at 200+ yards and a doe at 20 yards.

This year, using 165 cast bullets at about 1700 FPS, I have killed a button buck and a small doe. Both under 20 yards. Both dropped like stuck by lightning.

If the mastadons or wooly mammoths ever come in season, I have two boxes of 180 factory WWs that should do the job.
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