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I live in Texas Guys :)

To bedbugbilly

My last post replies to you as well. I didn't know it was a meter reader at the time. He was walking out of my backyard when I saw him through the half open blinds. When i went outside I heard some noise at my neighbors fence. i peaked my head around the corner and saw what he was wearing and simply asked if he was in my backyard. He said yes. And I left. He never saw a gun (which was pointed with my finger off the trigger and by my waist/side not at it of course.)

In Texas I can open carry my gun on my property. Completely within the law, no permit required. I could mow the lawn with a piece on my with no shirt on. I wouldnt do this but I could. Soon as I step on the sidewalk though they can haul my butt to jail no questions asked.

To JammerSIX, I wanted to imply disturbing images.

Thanks for all the scary looking guns guys! Man they looked awesome
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