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to me a good trigger is more about the pre travel, over travel and smoothness than the weight of the pull. I have a couple of double action S&W revolvers whose DA pull weight is in double digits but I consider them excellent triggers.

My M&P with the Apex kit is a hair over 4 lbs, but has zero pre travel, zero over travel and is as crisp as my 1911.

pre travel over travel and a pull like ground glass do nothing for safety in either a carry weapon or a competition gun. Just saying

Last time I did a IDPA match I shot either a CZ75B or a full size 1911, in winter months I have been known to wear the CZ when it is coat weather. I have never carried the 1911. My summer CCW's are a PPS and a S&W J frame neither of which would be worth a darn in a IDPA match.
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