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Re: 280 rem loads using imr3031

Your post begs two questions, phorton:
- Which source are you using for load data for the bullet you cite?
- For which rifle are you loading?

I own two Remington rifles in 280 Rem., a 7400 semiauto and a 7600 pump-action, neither of which model is still chambered by Remington for the 280. For both I developed handloads with the 140 gr. Nosler Ballistic Tip, staying pretty much with loads a bit above middle loads listed by the Nosler manual. With this load both rifles put that bullet into 2" at 100 yards, and have taken deer and chamois with one shot to the heart. Spent cartridge cases showed no signs of excessive pressure.

As for loads for the Barnes 140 gr. TSX BT cited in the Barnes no. 4 loading manual (page 191), IMR-3031 is not even among the powders used! For safety's sake, use only the Barnes manual for developing loads for Barnes bullets. Brian Pflueger is absolutely right in his post.
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