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I still think a drift punch and a mallet will get you close, and since you are a machinist I will bet you already have both. Follow the group. If it shoots to the right then move the sight to the right. If it seems you went too far then you can take it back to where it was when it was sighted at the factory using the scratched in line that is there. Line both back up, and it is back where it was when it left the factory. Though note they sighted them in with the baoynette out.

I mean how it to fire three shots at the same point 3 shots at 25 yards from a rested position. A lead sled is great though a couple of sand bags will work fine as well. If three shots go right of POA then you:

1. Unload the rifle, and remove the bolt.
2. put the rifle in a vice
3. use the punch, and mallet to drive the sight to the right a few medium whacks.
4. Replace the bolt.
5. Load and shoot.
6. Repeat till you get pretty darn close.
7. Shoot till you can not shoot any more.
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