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Brian Pfleuger
It's like a light shines down from heaven and a choir of angels sing Alleluia!

It really is. I can't imagine loading rifle rounds without it.
that's a pretty close description on how I felt when I got the RCBS set up this afternoon. Even wifey was impressed and trust me that is a hard thing to do. Kicking myself in the tail now for not just doing a direct exchange last year when I got the faulty one. This thing is going to have me turning out a lot more rifle stuff, I dreaded the dip and trickle part of loading rifle before.

Checked the results against the RCBS 750 and they disagree by .1 grain, checked it against the RCBS 5-0-2 balance and it came out dead on. Takes an average of about 23 secs to dispense 41 grains of 4350. I timed 10 drops lowest was 17 secs highest was 30 with most ending up 23 + or - 2 secs. No overcharges out of the 10.

Not a lot of room on my main reloading bench but have a second set up where I do my garage gunsmithing and been fine tuning my rifle rounds anyway . Going to move my single stage press over to it and just use my primary bench for my LnL and pistol rounds.
“Only accurate rifles are interesting,” - Col. Townsend Whelen

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