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When you try to sanitize boom things by not calling them weapons, you are playing into the hands of antis. The 2nd Amend protects their use as weapons, not as tools or sporting instruments.

Bowling bowls have no constitutional protection. AR-15s are so deadly as are O/U shotguns that one should ban them - except that they are protected as weapons. If you want a hobby collect stamps or bowl. You don't take your bowling ball to the Aurora theatre.

The Brits and Australian gun communities bought into sports and tried to protect their guns by evoking manly sports. They actually insulted American gun views and lost!

Even the sporting uses of guns are derivative of their killing purpose.

I only know of one tool use of a firearm. That is a special shotgun like gun used to blast scale off the inside of blast furnances.

Thus, tools and sports are giving it up. Don't.
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