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Originally Posted by Aaron1100us
I choose 357 SIG just to be different than most, the bottle neck case looks cool and helps with feeding, its loud and has a nice fireball, love it. Remember all pistol rounds suck, 9mm, .40,357 SIG, .45 ACP, 10mm, or whatever. Shot placement is more important than what caliber of pistol you have. Heck, a .22lr can stop someone with the right shot placement.
Largely the same reason that I chose it. In some ways, I wish I gone with 10mm but in reality, I should have gone with a 45acp Glock. Not because I have any love for 45acp, I would have actually sold the 45 barrel immediately, but because it opens up so many other conversions for me to play with. 38Super, 45super, 40Super, 400Corbon, 9x25 dillon, 357sig, 10mm... some barrels would need to be custom made but they all can be had.

Cost of rounds is almost completely irrelevant once you start to reload.
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