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VZ 24 conversion

The rifle took an 800 mile ride over the Thanksgiving weekend and now has been passed on to my son. We had only a 50 yd range to fire it, After bore sighting it hit paper first shot and within six shots was nicely zeroed. It then produced several three shot groups within a quarter. It shoots really well!
The scope is a Leopold 3X9 = $250
The barrel a Shilen #4 contour .308 from Brownell = $300
Timney trigger and safety. Stock a really nice piece of black walnut from Midway for under $100. I used the rear pillar from the old stock and glass bedded the recoil lug and front of receiver.
It was an all engrossing project that was well worth it in the end. The Mauser that my uncle brought home from WWII hopefully will be passed on from my son to his.
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