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I do not like saying this, but, and there always is a but is a life, the world is becoming an unsafe place rather quickly. You should only trust a stranger who is not in a position to do something to you ... that means not opening the door in many situations. This is especially so for women and men without fighting skills and/or armed. Most strangers are good people, but the percentage of people who are no so is rising every year it seems.

Play it safe by playing it safe, identify from a position of safety, and be prepared to take appropriate action if needed ... if not, have a great day.

Even old folks need to worry, as I have seen predators who only targeted older women, until one old and wonderful woman who heard a guy breaking in the front door stood there with a .32 in hand, the door finally opened and she opened up, hitting the perv five times!!! Damn the stupid neighbors who called for medical too quickly, and he survived to go to prison!

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