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Like others advised....using TiteGroup the published minimum is 4.1 grains at 1069 fps....and max is 4.4 grains at 1136 fps....

I'd suggest you not be a "chemist" and ever go below the published Minimum or Maximum...on any powder / but especially not a powder like TiteGroup that is a relatively hot powder.

Berry's are not Jacketed bullets...they're plated bullets....although they tell you to use mid-range jacketed load data ...they also tell you not to exceed 1250 fps....on their I'd suggest you visit there as well.

Overall length on FP bullets can always be a feeding issue / and seating any bullet too deep in the case can significantly increase pressures.../ I'd certainly keep your loads at the published minimum of 4.1 grains until you work out the feeding issues on these bullets.
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