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Question: it's standard practice to treat every gun as if it were loaded, to never point it at anything you aren't prepared to destroy.
Would any of you place your hand in front of the barrel? How about pointing a loaded handgun at your stomach, chest, face...?
heck no! That would be nuts and unsafe!
Yet, you carry your gun pointed directly at your d*ck, or lower abdomen when you sit down?
Um, never point a gun at anything you are not willing to destroy means the gun in your hand ready to fire, since it is human mistakes that cause tragedy. Cripes, I'm not willing to destroy my expensive nightstand and headboard, yet my EDC rests there at night for HD duty. In a proper holster, a gun should be as safe as when sitting all by itself, and we all know no gun has gone off by itself while sitting peacefully, there have been videos to prove it. A gun pointing at something or someone while relaxing in a proper holster need not apply.

Still, I too have an aversion to having one with a barrel aligned with my private parts, and thus have never carried that way. Hey, we all have our little quirks.
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