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I've always heard that "size doesn't matter" . . . that applies to a lot of things.

I find it interesting that after reading through four pages of this thread, the OP has been asked twice to explain why he had his weapon out and it was visible to the meter reader . . . as already mentioned, in some states that would and could be considered "brandishing a weapon".

I live out in the country and even in a rural area, if I was going out to pick off a woodchuck or other critter, I would look to make sure there were no people around whether I'm going to use a rifle or a handgun. Most of us who CC, are usually worried that our weapon doesn't "print" . . . let alone be waling around outside with it drawn regardless of where we were holding it. That's just part of accepting the responsibilities of owning a handgun.

So how about it OP . . . can you clear it up for us just why you were open carrying a drawn weapon . . . especially with a meter reader around? If you heard a noise and were in fear that it was a burglar or intruder . . . he was outside reading the meter. If that was the case, the first thing you should have done was to drop a dime on 911. If I had been the meter reader . . . it wouldn't make any difference how big or how small a gun you had nor if it was intimidating . . . I would have identified myself, done a 180 degree turn and as soon as I got back to my vehicle, called and reported it . . . then you could explain it to the officer when he shows up.

I'll put it another way . . . run this scenario through your mind . . . suppose the meter reader was allowed to carry on the job and he approached your meter and saw that you had a drawn weapon? What do you think his reactions might be? You may be the home owner but he probably doesn't know you from Adam. To him, you are a man standing in the yard where he has been sent to read a meter and the first thing he sees is your "big intimidating pistol" . . . I've had a pistol pointed at me and I've been shot at . . . I know what my reaction would have been.
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