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Thanks for the advice guys. Also, I just sent Lyman an email asking if it is safe to use their lead bullet loading data for 55 grain bullets on jacket bullets.

14inch vs 24 inch test barrel would be my guess. Also remember with 2400 you don't need to use max load. 90%, 80%, 70%, all are going to work just fine because of the type of powder that 2400 is.
Yep, that probably was it.

Funny you posted this - talk about timing. I just got off the phone with Hodgdon on this very subject. They stated you can safely reduce H4895 by using 60% of the max listed load for any load that is listed with that powder. I asked them because I accidentally bought some hornady 55 gr SPSX (like 300) and meant to buy 55 gr SP's W/C. The SPSX were blowing up before hitting the target. The bullet was designed for 1:12-1:14, not my 1:9. But I will still get to use them thanks to the info from Hodgdon. That puts a safe starting load for that bullet at 15.6 gr of H4895. Max load is 26 gr. I'm guessing that will put my velocity in the 1500-1800 fps range. Just a guess but probably close.
Wow! That could be my ticket as I have a lot H4895 around my house. I am going to google this and see what I get.
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