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Funny you posted this - talk about timing. I just got off the phone with Hodgdon on this very subject. They stated you can safely reduce H4895 by using 60% of the max listed load for any load that is listed with that powder. I asked them because I accidentally bought some hornady 55 gr SPSX (like 300) and meant to buy 55 gr SP's W/C. The SPSX were blowing up before hitting the target. The bullet was designed for 1:12-1:14, not my 1:9. But I will still get to use them thanks to the info from Hodgdon. That puts a safe starting load for that bullet at 15.6 gr of H4895. Max load is 26 gr. I'm guessing that will put my velocity in the 1500-1800 fps range. Just a guess but probably close.
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