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Sorry I didn't catch the sarcasm. Maybe that's called a "sarchasm"; a gap in the interpretation.


Winchesters are usually pretty well behaved, so this is a surprise. I'd try measuring the die ring ID, then call Dillon and see what size there's is. The reason I pulled Dillon's name out of the air is they've been making progressive loading gear for a long time and progressive loading will be slowed greatly if you are constantly having to stop and reject a case the bullet won't fit into (not to mention trying to recover their primers) so they've got reason to have their dies toleranced to minimize process hang ups, even if that makes them work the brass just a little harder. Item number 14409 is their .38/.357 carbide sizing/depriming die. Also, they have an 800 number, and you can call and describe the issue and see what they say about it. 800-762-3845. For that matter, you could call Lyman and see if they'll tell you what ID they use on their carbide sizing die, assuming it hasn't changed since you got yours.
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