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My roomate has a very nice Marlin lever action .22 and has complained of feeding issues with the Remington bulk pack ammo he normally shoots. For Christmas, I am contemplating getting him some decent ammo to shoot through the thing, and was wondering if anyone had any experience with lever .22s and a preferred load, an more importantly, preferred bullet type.
The thorough cleaning is a good tip.

My first thought is to ask if he has shot this bulk pack ammo in this Marlin [it is a model 39a?] before with success? Or is this just bulk pack ammo he has successfully used in other .22lr guns, but is failing in this lever action?

I ask as there are some profiles of .22lr bullets I won't use in my 39a or my Model 60 [both marlin .22lr rifles], as they tend to jam. They tend to be the truncated nose .22lr ammo, as the 'lip'/'edge'/'shelf' seems to give me problems. I prefer traditional round nose or hollow point, but not truncated cone [solid or hollow] .22lr ammo.

In bolt rifles, in my ruger 22/45 handgun or my .22lr revolvers they are fine, but I've had some issues with my Marlin rifles and them.

If it is a traditional round nose bullet, or a rounded ogelvie [spelling?] hollow point I usually have no problems.

Just some thoughts.

Mini-mags are great, by the way. I've also had good luck with some other brands/makes, but don't remember the sub groups, as I have them in boxes in the garage for the next trip.
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