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Good choice on the Buckmark.

Do yourself a favor and look on Midway Shooting Supplies web site and look for Picatinny rails for the gun.

Get the one with the integral rear sight.

Replace the stock plastic base on your gun and when you are ready for a red dot sight, the gun will be ready.

Unless Browning has changed sight bases in the last year or so, they are plastic and tend to shoot loose. The metal base is MUCH better.

My son and I both have a Buckmark complete with the red dot sights. Bushnell TWS-25 is a pretty good one.

I just put that base and sight on a Buckmark for a friend and the total cost was $175 and the shipping was free.

Took all of 15 minutes to accomplish.

If your gun did not come with a fiber optic light tube for the front sight, they are a worthwhile change to your gun. The green tube really picks up the light for a nice aiming point. You can pick up the whole kit at Bass Pro or Cabelas and probably Midway also.

The instructions for the newer guns does not tell you how to fieldstrip your gun. I would advise you to heed the manual.

I have close to 5000 rounds through mine and the slide has never come off the gun. Clean the bolt face and breech face and you might snake the bore in a year or so.

Keep the rails a little wet. The frame is aluminum and if you run it dry, you can gall the surfaces. You don't want to do that.

I shoot mine every week and it just keeps on running. As long as I am running Mini Mags through it, there are no problems other than a dud round.

I don't use bulk Federal ammo in the gun. CCI runs smoothly.

Enjoy the gun. You have a great shooter that should last you for years.

Carpe Cerveza
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