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Who here would know a home made ATT laminated ID as opposed to a real one?
That's funny. We actually did that at work years ago. We had a cheap laminating machine from an office supply store, that we used to make our own company IDs. We are a contractor for ATT, formerly BellSouth in our area. We had difficulty getting into customer premise locations from time to time, so we got BellSouth vendor badges. It took a month.

The vendor badges did not have a Bellsouth logo- the only people who knew what these badges were for were BellSouth employees. Useless to us.

So we printed out the BellSouth logo off the internet and laminated our own IDs. They didn't look like actual BellSouth IDs, but it wasn't as if the customers had anything to compare. I never had anyone question it.

Here's what they look like today. Employee is blue, contractor is red:

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