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Need some .223 help

All --

I am considering purchasing a Mossberg MVP Predator in .223, and would like to buy either the 20 or 18.5" version. The rifle will be used for several purposes, not only as a coyote and varmint rifle, but also as a first centerfire rifle for my 4 kids.

I personally don't like the stock on the 24" varmint version of the MVP, which is why I would like to stick with the 20" sporter or 18.5" bull barrell.

Problem is, I don't know if one would be better than the other. How much velocity would I be losing with a shorter barrel? Is there a benefit to the 18.5 bull, or would the 20" be better? What about muzzle blast?

I likely won't have a chance to handle both side by side before purchasing, so I'm looking for some help. Thanks in advance.
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