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my mosin was 109 at big five and she is odd ball, very accurate, great trigger, beautiful bolt with smooth action. only issue was rust damage on the barrel under the heat guard which i treated and repaired .

to the topic at hand, a mosin bolt is your main firing and loading so you want it as clean as possible, use simple green or another good cleaner, TAKE BOLT apart, this can be frustrating when putting together and you should try gaping the pin, but clean all the pieces individually and apply oil/grease were it touches other metal and slides (will quicken the bolts movement) . this will improve speed of loading and may help with firing. also note that the when the bolt is at a 90 degree angle for firing. at the time look at the point that is behinf the bolt it usualy is the point that i find my bolt slides on , add grease here(after removing the bolt) and speed will increase
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