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Fixing a 1911's infamous "idiot scratch"?

Hey everyone. A while back (when I was first getting into guns) I had discovered that my father in law (girlfriend's dad back then ) had an old pistol that was in possession of his ex-wife (it's a long story). Long story short, I retrieved the pistol, which is a late 80's Colt Combat Commander, with a full-size slide and grip in .38 Super Auto. I went through and cleaned it, however upon disassembling and reassembling my first 1911, *someone* dug the idiot scratch into it with the slide stop lever.

Seeing how I see this is a frequent problem - is there any way to lessen the appearance of the scratch, without re-bluing the whole thing?

Now that I think of it, I believe it is an 80-series lightweight model, so the grip frame may be aluminum? I could've sworn it's steel, correct me if I'm wrong. Can you blue aluminum? I certainly know you can't parkerize it
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