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Powder advise

Shooting a Remington 700 LTR 308 Cal. 20" brl. Benchrest shooting only , bullet- Sierra 168 & 150gr. Match HPBT. My question is , I reload with IMR 4064 42.0 gr. is working pretty good 3/4" groups 200 yards. Thinking of trying H4895 which burnes alittle faster with lower pressure with about the same Vel. I don't load hot, med. range, looking only for accuracy. With a 20" barrel 1-12 twist , articals I read seem to favor the H4895 for the 20" brl. The IMR 4064 works fine, but we always try things to improve. Tried Varget , rifle didn't like it. Varget is alittle slower than 4064. Thats why I was thinking of trying H4895, it's alittle faster. Whats your feeling. Thanks Chris
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