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IMO, the ones wanting to call all guns weapons are playing the word games. Look, everyone is different and while you seem to be stuck on requesting numbers that would take a team of statisticians a year to figure out I will say I believe more guns are sold for sporting reasons than defensive reason, you think other wise. That's all fine and dandy, we're all different from different circles. But as long as you have ANY gun, let alone the large numbers we have today, designed and/or purchased without the slightest inclining towards offensive or defensive reason than you can not call all guns weapons. Do you think Ruger gave SD/HD the slightest thought when it developed the #1? What about all those Heritage SA .22's out there? Savage and Remington bolt actions? Marlin Lever actions? So you think AR's, semi auto pistols and short barreled riot guns are sellin to folks worried about SD/HD and the 2A at a higher rate than old fashioned guns to Joe Blow redneck wanting to kill his own meal or Richard Richdude wanting that top of the line trap and skeet gun. Fine, don't buy it but fine. But you can not say that all guns are designed and/or purchased by folks worried about SD/HD so you can't call all guns weapons. It's like callin a Yugo a race car. Sure you can use one for that but anyone that looks at one and says "look at that cool race car" would be an idiot.

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