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Originally Posted by L_Killkenny
Brian, I see what your saying. But your description doesn't fit. By you're thinkin a rifle is a gun, a musket is a gun, a revolver is a gun, shotgun is a gun and it's all true, 100% accurate. Same as a car is a vehicle, a sneaker is a shoe. I'm not saying a rifle isn't a gun or a shotgun isn't a gun. But let's look at the car. There is no doubt that a car is a vehicle that can be a weapon. Can that be denied? So what does it take for it to become a weapon not just a vehicle? Use and/or intent maybe? The same thing it takes for a gun to be a weapon.
You're confusing words.

A car is a vehicle. Even if it's used as a weapon, it's still a vehicle.

A gun is a weapon. Even if it's used to punch holes in paper, it's still a weapon.

The terms are not mutually exclusive.

You're not saying that a rifle isn't a gun. You're saying that a rifle isn't a weapon unless it's used as such.

That's no more true than a car is not a vehicle unless it's used as such. It can be used as a weapon, but it's not ALWAYS a weapon and it IS ALWAYS a vehicle, even when it's used as a weapon. It is a vehicle by basic design. The basic design is not "car", it is vehicle. A truck is a vehicle. A motorcycle is a vehicle. A car is a vehicle that is a specific design type. Lots of vehicle are not cars but all cars are vehicles.

A gun can be used as NOT a weapon but it's ALWAYS a weapon, even when it's not used as one. The basic design is not "firearm" or "gun", it is weapon. Lots of weapons are not guns but all guns are weapons.
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