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New deer rifle, '94 or '92 or something else...

I’m thinking about get a new rifle for deer hunting. It has to be a pistol caliber to be legal in my home state, so I’m looking at the .44 Magnum; debating between the Marlin 1894 or a Winchester/Rossi 1892. If I can find it, probably used in either case. I’d like it with a 16” barrel and possibly a forward mounted scope. The scope is just going to be easier as my eyes aren’t what they used to be, I can still use a peep/tang sight okay, but magnification helps.

I thought about a forward mounted scope in part because it has to be for the ’92 and also thought it might help put a little weight forward on the 16” barrel. The 16” barrel because it is a pistol round and the extra 2 ½”-4” of barrel most likely won’t help that much and some of the areas that I’ll hunt are dense cover.

Seems like such a set up would work well, be handy in dense cover and light enough to carry for longer periods of time, but I have limited experience… so my question is, what are your thoughts or suggestions? I’m open to any ideas, but don’t say, “I don’t believe in pistol rounds in rifles” as I don’t have that option and I already have a .30-06 if rifles were allowed. Thanks.

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