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I should add there that the statistics I quoted, presumably accurately, speak to the issue directly as mentioned in the original post. However, some sources, including Fairfax County's own listing of statistics, also give changes from year to year and make a big deal of it, especially if the numbers go down. But I suspect that unless the numbers in question are large and the change is also large as well, then the differences may not be significant enough to draw a reasonalble conclusion about the results, especially when the numbers aren't detailed any more than they are. Fairfax county does have more detail but I wasn't going to recreate statistics for this post. Sometimes interesting things pop up in the news, though. For instance, several years ago, there was a murder in which the weapon used was a single shot .30-30 pistol.

On top of everything else, there's always going to be the creditbility of the statistics. Apparently no one believes anything they don't want to believe any more, if they ever did.
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