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For the most discrete carry the Elsie Pea is perfect. Any number of modern, name brand standard pressure rounds (Ruger clearly states NO +P in the LCP) are quite capable as a civilian CCW round. Especially during hot weather conditions where lighter clothing is worn by both the possible attacker, and the potential victim. It also makes a great BUG when a larger weapon may be more concealable with heavier, or more layers of clothing.
While the LC9 is also small, it is slightly larger than the KAHR PM/CM series. However I still find my CM9 more difficult to conceal in my pocket than my Elsie Pea, and a lot harder to get a smooth and reliable draw from most of my pants pockets. Therefor I carry my Elsie in a DeSantis Superfly pocket holster in my front pocket. But the KAHR rides in a Theis IWB hybrid holster.

I don't think there is a production nine that is only 3.6" tall, only 5.16" overall length and weighs just under 9.5 onces, and that's what the base LCP comes in at.
There is one that is 3.7" tall, 5.2 long, but 4 more ounces heavier. But at the price of FOUR Elsie Peas, or FIVE P3AT KelTecs. So if you just don't trust the 380 ACP, and have the 14 Benjamins to shell out get a Rohrbaugh R9.
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