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I don't he's saying that those are the most popular guns at all, nor that only "real" guns have a sporting purpose, but what I think he's getting at is that you can have a gun and not automatically be prepping for the fall of western civilization.

I think, just based on personal observation, that th firarms community has becom to overly focused on the self-defense, end of the world, the boys in blue berets are coming and nothing else.

Granted the 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with hunting or sporting purposes, but that doesn't mean all guns should be thought of the tools of the resistance.
There's a difference in acknowledging that a firearm is inherently a weapon and not shying away from that, and saying that the only use for a firearm is as a weapon.

Just because it's a weapon doesn't mean you're "prepping for the fall of western civilization." by having it. It's simply not playing word games, to attempt to redefine something or refusing to acknowledge it's inherent nature.
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