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At this point the die body should be backed out of the press one full turn and locked down with the lock nut. Unless you plan to crimp.
One full turn is unnecessary. That backs the die off by 0.071".

If you trim your brass to 0.010" under max length, and let it grow all the way to max length, even backing the die off by 1/4 turn is more than enough (0.018").

1 turn = 0.0714"
1/2 turn = 0.0357"
1/4 turn = 0.0178"

Grubby, is your seater plug one of the newer aluminum ones or is it steel?

RCBS has been shipping some .223 Rem dies with aluminum seater plugs. The extra thickness required around the edge of the tool causes quite a few bullets to catch the lip (if they aren't centered in/on the case mouth).
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