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I also haven't seen any 125 gr. loads for the 40 S&W. There are a few 135 gr. loads. Some of these are advertised as "low recoil" loads which I assume are for small and light pieces and claim to do about 1200 fps. Cor-Bon claims 1325 fps and Double Tap 1375 with their Nosler JHP.

I'm not sure of the point of these lighter bullets from the 40, other than the hopes that they will produce less recoil in smaller guns than the heavier rounds.

To me the 40 S&W seems at it's best with the 155-165 gr. pill at between 1200-1300 fps. A good combination of a heavier bullet at a manageable speed. Not unlike many loads for the .357 Magnum but with a slightly larger bullet.

One small point...the .357 Magnum was "a legendary manstopper" long before Lee Jurras developed the first viable jhp in 110 and 125 grs. in the late 1970s and marketed them under the Super Vel name. Prior to this it was recognized for years as a very useful hunting round and a good self defense and law enforcement round with lead bullets and semi jacketed soft points in a variety of weights. The better bullet for it helped up it's reputation though but it most certainly did not make it.


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