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Originally Posted by chris in va
Oh, i don't know about that. Many people complain about muzzle flip and high bore axis on revolvers, and while ugly, the Rhino definitely addresses that issue.
Muzzle flip doesn't represent a real need, since it's not the flip that's the real problem; an improper grip is. A proper neutral grip allows the muzzle to return to the same point every time. Muzzle flip's rise & fall happens faster than most are able to shoot anyway, but a front sight that falls to a different position everytime it comes down will slow one down (assuming they're actually looking at the front sight) and/or degrade their accuracy.

Originally Posted by chris in va
Unfortunately there's no recoil impulse reduction with revolvers, being similar to a bolt action rifle, so instead of being flipped up the force is transferred directly back into your hand on the Rhino.
Seems like more a trade-off than a net benefit. It's well-nigh impossible to confer a real net advantage when the trade-offs are essentially par. Compare, for instance speedloaders, full moons, etc. Compared to their benefit, there's little trade-off.
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