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So if the intent when purchased is for protection, but it's never used it's not a weapon? Once you have some sort of source that says most firearms purchased the sole intent is to shoot inanimate objects?
Did you not note in my ramblings that "intent" can establish certain things? Apparently not. As for numbers no I don't have hard and fast numbers sitting on the desk at hand. What I do have is the ability to realize that 100's of 1000's of critters die every year and millions of rounds are punched into paper, cans and all sorts of objects for the pure joy or competition of it. The numbers of times civilians that use or go intent on using guns for SD/HD pales in comparison. You tell me, do you think that guns are used more for SD/HD than for sporting and fun? Guess that makes all those who buy/own 28" barreled shotguns, SA sixguns, .22lr buyers, etc just really bad at making a choice of which gun a person really should have huh?

Brian, I see what your saying. But your description doesn't fit. By you're thinkin a rifle is a gun, a musket is a gun, a revolver is a gun, shotgun is a gun and it's all true, 100% accurate. Same as a car is a vehicle, a sneaker is a shoe. I'm not saying a rifle isn't a gun or a shotgun isn't a gun. But let's look at the car. There is no doubt that a car is a vehicle that can be a weapon. Can that be denied? So what does it take for it to become a weapon not just a vehicle? Use and/or intent maybe? The same thing it takes for a gun to be a weapon.

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